About us

Eucalyptus is a subsidiary of Easy2Find Biomass and Energy and as a main purpose has to meet the needs of the electricity generation plants that is to be constructed in various locations in Greece. The objective is to ensure the adequate raw material (biomass feed) at a fixed price, during the 20-year operation of the plant (life cycle of the units).

Eucalyptus aims to plant 4,000 ha nationwide, of which 1,000 ha will be under Contracted Cultivation. To ensure the implementation of this program, company has specialized crew, in various regions of Greece, which undertake the planting services, cutting and transport, ensuring the required specifications for cultivation and proper plant growth, while it is a cost-free service for the farmer.

In that way, huge investment opportunities come up by editing the byproducts of eucalyptus (such as branches, leaves, bark and root system) to produce medicinal oils and certified pellet of premium quality, aiming to create high export volumes.

In order for the program to be implemented and the return on the investment of contracted cultivation to be maximized, Eucalyptus made strategic partnerships with leading market players worldwide, who are involved in biomass production for over 50 years.

The website of Eucalyptus aims to operate as a European information platform on issues related to the eucalyptus plant and its cultivation, since after extensive research that we conducted in Greece, we saw that huge information gap does exist for this type of forest cultivation, which also has very important environmental benefits.

Recently we visited the Agricultural Division and the Forest Development Department of the top class University of Madrid. During our visit we found out the vast experience held in cultivation of eucalyptus and the knowledge and information we could receive.

During that visit, we were invited from Europe's largest firm, ENCE, which produces biomass and paper from eucalyptus plantations.

Meanwhile in Greece, we started our collaboration with the Benaki Phyto-pathological Institute, which has a broad scientific basis on issues of plant health, plant protection, risk assessment and safe use of pesticides for humans and for environment and which is beside our effort during the growing season to ensure a healthy crop. The Benaki Phyto-pathological Institute carries out preparation actions on behalf of us, as prevention, treatment, soil suitability testing etc.

Moreover, we are in direct contact with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki which specializes in pellet application and in processing technologies for the exploitation and production of essential oils.

We cooperate with the recognized Soils-laboratory of Messolonghi and Nafpaktos 'The Union', which is staffed with a top technical-scientific personnel (specialized agronomists etc.), aiming to ensure the efficiency of cultivation.

Finally, we cooperate with the International Institute of Eucalyptus in Australia, from which we receive the eucalyptus seeds, variety of Globulus Blue Gum, in order to be fully certified for their germination ability and their variety.

On our website data and information are collected and posted, which are retrieved in cooperation with the two parts of the University of Spain, the Benaki Phytopathological Institute and the National Institute for Weather Forecast, which relate exclusively to specific matters concerning the cultivation and growth of eucalyptus. Our target is the propagation of eucalyptus in Greece, while the farmer gets better and secure information about the plant.

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Studies have been conducted worldwide regarding eucalyptus’s cultivation and its growth.