Eucalyptus cultivation yield

The yield per acres and thus the economic rewards of the farmer, depends both on the quantity of saplings that will be planted and the chosen type of eucalyptus that will be selected for planting but also the composition of the soil.

After further researches, it has been observed that most fertile areas for eucalyptus cultivation are lowland, after showing almost double performance in relation to the hills. In particular, a flat area can be cultivated up to 800 seedlings / acre, which will generate income of about 1,700 € / acre, to each cutting (for every 2 years of cutting).

Regarding the expenditure, it is estimated that each seedling can cost from 1,20 € - 1,50 € depending on the size, variety etc.

Eucalyptus is present in all phases of the cultivation. Besides the supply of seedlings, can provide products such as fertilizers, give all the necessary information to prepare the soil and all necessary preparatory work. Alternatively, the farmer may take care of the same process, as long as the growing requirements are met, in the way defined by the company.

The contracts signed by Eucalyptus with the farmers have 20-year duration, with "locked" price of production per tone of dry mass.



Note: In case the farmer wishes to purchase seedlings from its own supplier, the company cannot proceed to a contract, as there is no guarantee of the performance thereof.

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