The preparation for the production of saplings was completed

The exist nursery of Eucalyptus consists of a total area of 10 acres, of which 5 are under roof cover. The nursery is located at Gavrolimni, Nafpaktos while is equipped with the most modern machines and fully harmonized with the needs for the production of eucalyptus saplings.

The roofed greenhouse in an area of approximately 5 acres is fully automated, with the capability of remote control through a computer system, especially during summer where high temperatures are developed and also can be ventilated by roof opening. There is a temperature control system so that during the winter the desired temperature to be at a regular level, in the space where seedlings are grown.

In a specially designed and fully equipped space, seedlings are created from certified seeds, both as for the germination and the efficiency, which are sourced from Australia. Moreover, different eucalyptus varieties are healthily developed, in order to be used for investors/farmers plantations.

The above are carried out under the guidance and supervision of both the Australian Institute, and the Spanish company Ence.

Finally, in the place outside the greenhouse, a separate building has been created for the staff to be hosted, and for the continuing guarding of the entire place. In the remaining non-covered area of 5 acres, specially designed structures have been made, for the placing of developed saplings which are intended to be planted in investors’ parcels.


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